Polkadot Disposable Bulk (Master Box)


Polkadot Disposable Bulk (Master Box)

Polkadot Disposable bulk boxes or master box comes with all the 10 different flavors. It is perfect for wholesalers or retailers due to the amazing discounts. We also have polkadot wholesale boxes for particular flavors. Our team doesn’t just focus on design but on the quality of the product. Some of our employers tried out a couple of flavors and the effects lasted for more than 3 hours.

Appearance & Packaging of Polkadot Disposables

These disposables come in a sleek and unique design. The packaging has the brand logo right at the center with the flavor name much below and the strand of cannabis used.

Due to the rapid growth in demand for our vapes. It has led to the influx of a lot of fakes in the market. Hence, please check out the disposable probably before using it to ensure it’s not a cheap replica.

Polkadot Vapes Flavors

Our disposables come in 10 different flavors. This is to ensure that there is something to suit every different customer. Our team is fast at work to produce more flavors because we know our clients deserve nothing but the very best. The 10 current flavors include:

  • Berry Zkittlez (Sativa)
  • Runtz (Hybrid)
  • Pineapple Slushy (Hybrid)
  • Berry Blow Pop (Indica)
  • Guava Gelato (Sativa)
  • Papaya Punch (Hybrid)
  • Loco Coco (Indica)
  • Cactus Cooler (Hybrid)
  • Ice Cream Cake (Indica)
  • Purple Pop Rocks (Indica)

Effects of Polka Dot Vapes

The effects of polkadot disposables are quite similar to that of many top vapes such as the packman disposables and fryd extracts. A few of the effects of our disposables include:

  • The sedative effects of some our disposables makes them a great choice for all those suffering from conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.
  • Some of our indica and hybrid flavors provide a burst of energy. This inspires creativity and is perfect for artistic individuals. It can be used by writers and painters to overcome blocks.
  • It helps with anxiety and stress.
  • It slows down once reaction time.
  • Similar to our polkadot chocolates, it is known to induce mild hallucinations in newbies.

Where To Buy Polka Dot Disposables Online?

There are a lot of dispensaries claiming to sell authentic Polkadot vapes especially in the U.S. in states like California. Most of these are fake and the so-called smoke plugs and vape shops are just trying to make a quick buck. We recommend that you make all purchases only from licensed dispensaries or our official polkadot disposable website. Not only do we provide the best deals, but we also have special packages for our clients.

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Polkadot Disposable Bulk

It seems that the Polkadot Disposable Bulk (Master Box) includes 10 different flavors of disposable vapes, making it suitable for wholesalers or retailers who are interested in purchasing a variety of flavors at a discounted rate. Additionally, there may be Polkadot wholesale boxes available for individual flavors.

The disposables are described as having a sleek and unique design, with the brand logo, flavor name, and cannabis strain information displayed on the packaging. It’s advised to be cautious of counterfeit products in the market and to verify the authenticity of the disposable before use.


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